About Julio Muñoz

Join professional photographer Julio Munoz to develop the tricks and secrets of the street photography in Trinidad de Cuba, the most precious jewel in the colonial crown of Cuba.

Julio Muñoz was born in Trinidad de Cuba and has lived there all his live. He is a talented photographer with an intuitive eye and a passion to share his experience and knowledge with others. He successfully manages to absorb and record the true spirit and energy of his vibrant town and his people.
His colorful images aspire to reflect the truth of what he sees there is no artifice, trickery or cropping. He connects directly with his subjects, simplifying and isolating the important elements to produce a composition which rewards the viewer with the vitality of the moment.
Julio has unique style, catching the light and form to his advantage. He often prefers to use a wide-angle lens, shooting from high or low positions which allow him to engage with his subjects giving a greater sense of depth and a fresh perspective.
His natural ease of communication, openness and generosity of spirit make him a wonderful host and an inspirational photographer.