Street Photography in Trinidad de Cuba: The photographers Paradise

Join professional photographer Julio Muñoz to develop the tricks and secrets of the street photography in Trinidad de Cuba, the most precious jewel in the colonial crown of Cuba

Julio Munoz.Trinidad Cuba

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz's local and cultural knowledge about Trinidad de Cuba gives visitors a unique insight into this beautiful, 505 year old Spanish colonial UNESCO World Heritage Site. With Julio Muñoz visitors can take photography tours, photography workshops. He teaches his "John Wayne" street photography style, based on the fast and basic use of the camera and the anticipation of the scene. Proud of his venerable city, Julio run also the B&B Casa Muñoz and the Restaurant Muñoz Tapas in the center of Trinidad.
Julio Munoz.Trinidad Cuba

Under why John Wayne ?

This was a joke which came from a guest at my B&B. He call me "the John Wayne of street photography" because, according to him, I use the camera as quickly as Wayne was with his pistol in his old western movies.

My street photography style may improve your photography abilities quickly because is simple, easy to learn, accessible to any one. It is based in common sense, on the fast and basic use of the camera and anticipation of the scene. My style doesn't need expensive/sophisticated cameras and "depressing photography lessons"!.

What the media says:


Photographers of all experience levels are welcome. Groups are split into ability level to ensure everyone gets the most out of their day.

Any kind camera will be fine. Smartphones, DSLR, mirrorless camera, etc are ok. Each photo device has the potential to take a great image. But devices which allow you to use it fast and to set the parameters quickly will increase the chance to capture "the magic moment".

Yes, of course, but you need to be accompanied by an adult.

Only paying participants are allowed to attend. Except under the age of 18 with an accompanying adult.

Yes, of course, but you need to be accompanied by an adult.

It is walking tour and the session 3 of the workshop will be in the streets for about 2 hours. The summer is particularly hot in Cuba so we recommend you take with you water and cream/sun hat. 
As many street are cobbled stones please bring comfortable shoes!

The introduction of the Walking Tour and the Sessions 1,2 and 4 of the workshop will be at Casa Munoz or Munoz Tapas restaurant. The Walking tour and session 3 will be exploring Trinidad's streets.