Join professional photographer Julio Munoz to develop the tricks and secrets of the street photography in Trinidad de Cuba, the most precious jewel in the colonial crown of Cuba.

Activities (in English or Spanish):

1-Discovering Trinidad Through the Lens:
This walking tour is for photographers (any level) who are shown parts of Trinidad missed by tourists and who are introduced to interesting locals. Julio will show his Street Photography tricks.
Cost: CUC 25 per person without expenses. 2 hours.

2-Street Photography & Documentary Style Workshops:

Julio will teach his Tricks and Techniques to Achieve Better Street Photography.
His style is based on the fast and basic use of the camera and anticipation of the scene.
This Workshop has 4 sessions of 2 hours each one:
Session 1-How to use the camera and lenses, main parameters, the correct way to take photos, etc.
Session 2-Tricks and techniques of composition according to documentary style.
Session 3-Walking in Trinidad's streets applying knowledge from sessions 1 and 2.
Session 4-Slide show and crit session with looking at the photos taken on the walkabout.
Maximum: 2 sessions per day.
Cost: CUC 100 per person without expenses.

3-Assist professional photographers who want to organize a workshop in Trinidad.
A-Translate, guide and escort the group.
B-Prepare the itinerary according to the needs of the photographer leader.
C-Private lessons, tutorials, teaching.
-For A-B the fee is: CUC 100 per half day (without expenses).
-For A-B-C the fee is: CUC 25 per person (without expenses).

4-Assist a photographer, filmmaker, etc on assignment in Trinidad.
-Organize accommodation and/or transportation if it's is needed.
-Translate, guide and escort.
-Prepare the itinerary, setups, etc according to the clients' needs.
Cost: Depend on the needs of the client. Email for further information.

5-Lectures to Groups.
-Which could includes: photography, santería religion, social life, being an entrepreneur in Cuba, etc.
-Slide show.
Cost:  CUC 50